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Oxygen therapy could help symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease

A new treatment has potential to correct behavioral and physical deficits associated with the disease, Tel Aviv University researchers say. A  new Tel Aviv University study reveals that hyperbaric oxygen treatments may ameliorate symptoms experienced by patients with Alzheimer’s disease. “This revolutionary treatment for Alzheimer’s disease uses a hyperbaric oxygen chamber, which has […]

TAU President Joseph Klafter discusses the BDS movement

THE JERUSALEM POST TAU President Joseph Klafter discusses the BDS movement in an important interview.

Board of Governors 19th May to 22nd May 2016

Thursday 19 May to Sunday 22 May 2016 Board of Governors 2016 The 2016 Board of Governors programme is to be held in Tel Aviv from Thursday 19 May to Sunday 22 May 2016. The TAU Trust is delighted to announce that Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks will be receiving an Honorary […]

TAU student musical soiree

Tal Bergman

“It was ‘un tour de force’. Honestly one could have paid to go to the best concert hall anywhere in the world & still not had had a more enjoyable evening!!! All the stars, ‘literally & in fact’ were in alignment seemingly. We will all watch out for the beautiful girl soloists’ progress, and the pianist was brilliant too. The elements seemed all also to be smiling to lend their additional support to the ambience.”

Yishai Rubin