DSC_7937TAU: Israel’s Hub of Higher Learning

With over 29,000 students, TAU is Israel’s largest and most prestigious institution of higher learning. Offering over 125 schools and departments across the spectrum, and a campus as dynamic and pluralistic as Israel itself, TAU’s graduates are the most sought-after by Israeli companies. It is ranked 11th in the world in terms of scientific citations.

Aloni & Dayan -- KenafNurturing Israeli Ingenuity

TAU students bring to their studies everything positive that Israel stands for: brainpower, determination, creativity, social consciousness and – of course – chutzpah. In many ways they are academic entrepreneurs, taking intellectual risks that lead Israel into new and enriching directions.

_MG_1426Biomedical Research Hub

TAU operates the largest biomedical research and treatment complex in Israel, with 1,400 clinicians working and researching in 17 affiliated hospitals. In Alzheimer’s research in particular, TAU is a world leader, with more promising drugs in the pipeline than any other institution.

DSC_4227Advancing National Priorities

TAU’s culture of social involvement is reflected throughout the campus. Scholarships ensure that young people from needy backgrounds and outlying communities have a chance to shine academically; faculty and alumni fill a range of public and diplomatic roles; and outreach programmes encourage and boost opportunity among underprivileged sectors.

7210Equality in Education

TAU supports higher education for all Israel’s minority groups as a vehicle for positive social change, including Israeli-Arabs. Currently 1,520 Israeli-Arab students are enrolled at TAU, receiving social, emotional and academic support throughout their studies. Their numbers on campus have risen consistently over the past decade, and continue to do so.