The Tel Aviv University Trust, based in London, leads fundraising activities for Tel Aviv University. The Trust invites TAU Professors to share their research and knowledge with British audiences to strengthen the University’s reputation in the UK, and encourages academic collaborations with TAU and UK Universities.

The TAU Trust hosts some 15 events per year, ranging in scale from small breakfasts to large scale fundraisers. TAU Trust uses these events as a vehicle to raise awareness of Israel’s largest University as well as raising funding to support it.

Over the course of the past few months we have run many high-profile events for the wider community. Our key event for 2016 was:

University for a Day

On Sunday, 7th February, four leading researchers from Tel Aviv University addressed a 150 strong crowd at the fourth annual TAU Trust event, hosted by Investec Private Banking.
As in previous years, the speakers showcased the innovative research from TAU.
Menny Barzilay, cyber security expert presented a thought- provoking talk on cyber threats and the dark side of technology. Prof. Miguel Weil approached personalized medicine for neurodegenerative and Orphan diseases; Dr. Vered Padler- Karavani spoke about the effect of sugars and cells in cancer and heart disease, and returning for his fourth consecutive year, Professor Asher Susser discussed Israel and the surrounding region with James Sorene, CEO of BICOM.
Guests were welcomed by Doug Krikler of Investec and the event was emceed by Prof. Eli Talmor of London Business School and is a Governor of TAU, who said:
“it is TAU’s intellectual breath and multidisciplinary diversity which is so attractive, making the topics attuned and appealing to the broad spectrum of backgrounds and ages”.


See pictures on our Gallery pages for “University for a Day 2015”