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Four decades ago Tel Aviv University first opened its gates to accomplished students who came from all over the world to embark on a remarkable personal and academic journey. Tel Aviv University has since consistently ranked as one of the top institutions of higher learning world-wide. As a world-class academic institution, many members of its distinguished faculty have won international recognition and are considered leaders in their fields of research.

The University through its School for Overseas Students has enriched the lives of its international students, allowing them to reach new pinnacles of scholarly and personal success.  A range of undergraduate and post-graduate degrees are taught in English for overseas students. Students who complete these degrees not only receive a superior education but also gain newfound insight into globalization and learn to live as citizens of the world.

The School’s goal is to produce graduates who can make a positive impact on both Israel and the world.

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Intensive language programmes are offered in Hebrew, Yiddish and Arabic. Hebrew Ulpan, an instrumental source of learning that aids students to better cope in a foreign society and enhance their Israel experience, is offered twice each year, in the summer and winter prior to the beginning of each semester. Undergraduate and graduate students should enroll in this course before beginning their overseas programmes. The Intensive Arabic Course is offered over the summer students can choose to join the basic Course: Introduction to Colloquial and Standard Arabic or join the advanced Arabic course, the course requires a prerequisite year of Arabic and students may register for it with permission of the department.

The new student accomodation

The new student accomodation

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TAU’s unique summer programmes offer undergraduate and graduate students the opportunity to learn a new language and enrol in inspiring courses in a variety of fields, including contemporary, global, and Middle East topics. TAU International summer programs are designed for students who are willing to challenge themselves with an invigorating academic schedule that combines classroom learning, field trips, overnight trips, guest speakers, evening workshops, social evening events and much more.

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Did you know you can also study Music at TAU?

clairmontThe Buchmann-Mehta School of Music was founded in 2005 as a unique partnership between Tel-Aviv University (TAU), the largest and most comprehensive university in Israel, and the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra (IPO), the country`s most prominent music institution.

The school`s mission is to train young musicians and to prepare them for professional careers, as well as to create a future generation for the IPO.

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